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A simple, easy and effective way to make better decisions when investing in the stock market. See how the stocks compare and decide what stocks you might want to delve further into and invest in.

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ProCor Message

Welcome to ProCor Stock Comparison spreadsheet. I know there are other spread sheets out there that analyse stocks and often they are cumbersome and very difficult to understand, or you have to go to several different places to collect the data so I set out to create something that I could follow and help me make informed decisions. Most the information here can be found on the internet but this pulls it all together.

Obviously nothing is fool proof but I believe with ProCor Stock Comparison Spreadsheet you will see that it helps to take out some of the “emotion” when making decisions about purchasing stocks.

This spreadsheet focuses on both dividend and non-dividend stocks and lately I have been using it to make decisions when buying stock options as well.

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